The Petrov Family known for its incredible contribution in the world of art, has important and ancient origins.

History teaches us how much the socio-cultural path of a single individual can radically change the future of an entire community through words, poetry, philosophy, history and modern art that evolves and takes us on this new contemponary path. 

The origins of our mission stem from a difficult period and the darkest times in the history of our country.

It is precisely in those years, as happens to many national heroes, that a man decides to save on behalf of the new generations priceless treasures affected by an unjust censorship that perhaps would have been lost forever.

The first pieces of the collection are thus tucked safely away from tension and the risk of destruction. Everyone knows how dangerous this could have been not only for that brave man but for our entire family. Yet in the face of the guns, of the silence, of being totally ignored those hidden works represent a powerful and deafening cry. They are our desire for rebirth as a community united and at the same time wonderfully different. 

Over the years the hidden treasures will surface and their guardian will return them intact and make them available to our wonderful nation and the world through the dedication of the entire Petrov Family committed to the mission of spreading art and culture more and more reaching deeper and deeper.

To this day, none of us can ever forget great things come from a small idea.