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Dating Dangers: Love’s a Minefield. Find information here

Dating Dangers: Love’s a Minefield. Find information here

Danger: Will It Be Date Rape?

Here is the sincere about material — a woman is susceptible to rape inside her own house, as well as if she voluntarily would go to another person’s house. No matter if she consents with a activity, that doesn’t indicate permission for several activity that is sexual. Whenever a female states, “No” or “Stop” this means AVOID. No matter if liquor or medications may take place, no matter if she does not place a fight up — just because she actually is an old gf — it really is rape if she states, “No.”


You cannot be too careful; date-rape medications such as for instance GHB, Rohypnol, or Ketamine can make a victim unconscious along with restricted memory. Making use of these medications is really a federal criminal activity that carries a potential sentence that is 20-year.

  1. Do not accept available beverages, whether or not they’re alcoholic or perhaps not, from somebody you do not trust.
  2. At parties, accept drinks that are only come in closed containers. Never keep your beverage unattended or turn the back on the dining dining table.
  3. Usually do not drink from punch bowls, pitchers, or tubs.