The Foundation


Todor Petrov Foundation is one of the most important non-profit bulgarian institutions for the promotion of culture with a particular attention to the diffusion of modern and contemporary art .Founded in 1970 our mission is to demonstrate that art can give a new identity and international visibility to our beautiful country.

The Foundation headed by Petrov’s family, is dedicated to offer new opportunities, activities and perspective to understand how we and our world are changing.

Our evolution of projects is able to unite and to interact with different generations thanks to an extraordinary cultural heritage promoting contemporary art and new points of view.

Over the past two decades, the foundation has devoted special attention to the social and cultural development of the country through its many projects and activities in the field.

We have included artists’ organizations, targeted meetings with leading social and cultural figures from around the world, conferences on contemporary philosophy and many other opportunities to disseminate, inspire and create a meeting point between new and old generations.

 With the opening of a permanent cultural complex in one of the most beautiful and prestigious buildings in Sofia, the Foundation offers new opportunities to expand and enrich our learning processes.

After a long dark period in our country’s history and after so many censorships imposed The foundation represents a rebirth dedicated to our national future. 

We think culture is deeply useful and necessary, as well as attractive and engaging. It is one of the oldest and at the same time most modern languages and the best weapon for the healthy and conscious growth of our community.

Finally, the Foundation’s new institutional structure embodies the objective of reinvention. 

It has become an open structure, where ideas are freely exchanged among individuals who are committed to the program of the future .

This priceless gift will be the key to our Foundation’s future activities and programs for the next generation.

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